Friday, June 04, 2004

Senate races in red states 

This year's competitive senate races are nearly all in red states: Alaska, Colorado, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana and the Carolinas. So naturally, we're going to see a lot of Democrats positioning themselves uncomfortably far to the right. Witness Tony Knowles, Alaska's Democratic Senate candidate, defending himself from "attacks" alleging that he is not sufficiently supportive of oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; or Tom Daschle's support for a bill which would have granted gun manufacturers blanket immunity from civil lawsuits.

Maybe this sort of thing happens every election cycle. After all, there are more red states than blue states. Al Gore carried 20 states and DC in 2000 to Bush's 30 states. Since the blue states are more populous, the two groups are roughly equal in electoral votes. But in the senate, where every state is represented equally, the Democrats need to pick up at least a half dozen seats in red states just to get to 50-50.
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