Thursday, March 11, 2004

This guy wants to marry his grandmother 

Hmm. Although he mainly just seems to be trying to make a point, he says that
Marrying my grandmother will give me several benefits that are currently only available to married heterosexual couples.... Once we're married, I can mooch off her healthcare benefits, reduce my insurance rates, and transfer her estate to me without any taxes being deducted.
The problem I have with this is the obviously economic motive. He's using marriage as a loophole to save on insurance and taxes. The institution of marriage was not designed for the purpose of reducing people's insurance rates or letting them transfer estates tax-free. While people can and undoubtedly occasionally do get married for such reasons, in the case of marrying one's grandmother it is blatantly obvious that there could be no other motive. I would liken this guy's proposal to the tax loopholes companies use to save billions of dollars each year: even if it's technically within the letter of the law, it's still wrong.

Nathan Newman doesn't see a problem with it, though.
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