Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Super Tuesday roundup 

With wins in nine of ten states today, Kerry has assured himself the nomination.

Here in California, both bond measures on the ballot are likely to pass. Prop 55, the school bailout bond and prop 57, Schwarzenegger's pet $15 billion that I blogged about earlier, are both headed for majorities. Taken together, these two bond measures will almost double the size of California's already enormous debt. (I voted against the $15 billion, by the way. When I posted my dilemma on Kos, several commenters responded with good reasons to oppose the measure.)

Even more disturbing is the failure of Prop 56, which would have reduced the majority required for the legislature to pass a budget to 55%. The main effect would have been to prevent the Republican minorities in the legislature from stonewalling the budget. Sean023 on Kos has more on 56.

UPDATE: Prop 56 isn't just failing, it's getting mauled. It is currently losing in every single county except San Francisco.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here in Berkeley, the proposal to use instant runoff voting for city elections is passing by a wide margin, 70-30.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: from reader Claude on Kos: in Humboldt County, District Attorney Paul Gallegos successfully fought off a recall attempt funded by Pacific Lumber Co, the county's largest business. The recall was filed just one month after Gallagos sued Pacific Lumber for fraud last year.
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