Saturday, March 06, 2004

Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Haiti and Iraq 

Went to see Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) speak today on foreign policy, and I have to say I'm proud to be served by such an enlightened member of congress. Lee spoke eloquently on the importance of the rule of law in international affairs, even for the world's sole superpower. She warned of the dangerous precedent set by Bush's doctrine of preemptive war. On Haiti, she confirmed Jeffrey Sachs' charge that the Bush administration "wanted Aristide out from the start," and explained how the current crisis arose out of three years of "systematic destabilization of the country" at the hands of the administration. It's remarkable how similar Haiti is to Iraq in this respect. This administration took power with a set agenda prescribing regime change in a list of countries, and that agenda has been unwaveringly enacted, first in Iraq and now in Haiti.
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