Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Expectations Game 

Not sure what to make of this:

President Bush's campaign strategists say they now expect to trail or do no better than run even with Senator John Kerry through the summer, despite their aggressive new effort to counter months of Democratic attacks.

Call me pessimistic, but my feeling about the recent surge of democrats in the polls was that it was a temporary boost due to (1) media attention as a result of the primary, (2) the Bush AWOL story and (3) the fact that the Bush reelection machine isn't fully geared up yet. The Chandler victory might also have added to the effect. But once the excitement of the primaries dies down, Americans become more acquainted with John Kerry's somewhat boring personality, and Bush's $200 million enters the fray, it seems likely that Bush's poll numbers will improve substantially. So it's a bit surprising that the Bush campaign would admit that they're in trouble in the polls. It's possible that they just want to lower expectations. Or maybe the democrats' fortunes really have turned.
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