Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bush's approval rating at all-time low 

A CBS/NY Times poll released today shows Bush's approval rating at 46%, the lowest of his presidency. One year ago, immediately after the fall of Baghdad, Bush's approval rating was 67%. His ratings on handling Iraq (41%) and foreign policy (40%) are also all-time lows. While his 39% rating on handling the economy is dismal, it is not an all-time low.

Interestingly, the poll finds that 60% of Americans approve of Bush's handling of the threat of terrorism. Perhaps the political advertising featuring 9/11 corpses and middle eastern men in airports are working.

Finally, the poll reports that Kerry would beat Bush 46-44% in a race without Nader, although the 3% margin of error makes this result a statistical tie. With Nader in the race, Bush has the advantage over Kerry, winning 43-41% with Nader getting 5% of the vote. Although the 43-41% is still a tie, the result shows that Nader, despite his arguments, steals more supporters from Kerry than from Bush.
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