Saturday, March 13, 2004

Bring back Ted Rall 

Ted Rall did political cartooning for the New York Times for over ten years. His work, samples of which can be found here, took a liberal stance on political issues. Recently, a write-in campaign organized on Andrew Sullivan's blog urged the Times to stop running Rall's work. This campaign was so effective that the Times not only fired Rall, but also removed his past work from its online archive.

No matter what you think of Rall's cartoons (I wouldn't exactly call them gut-busting), I don't want the NY Times picking and choosing its content to satisfy the demands of right-wing bloggers. It seems like conservatives can get this sort of thing done because they have the organization and discipline to orchestrate massive write-in campaigns. If Dems get organized we can get just as much done. If you feel this cause is at all worthwhile, why not send a comment to the Times' editors at feedback@nytimes.com You can either leave your own message, or cut and paste this:

To the Editors:

I am writing in regard to your recent decision to no longer feature Ted Rall's cartoons in your paper, after doing so for 13 years. It is my understanding that your decision to remove Rall's work was taken to appease a group of conservative letter writers organized by Andrew Sullivan. As a Times reader, I cannot countenance this decision to pander to outspoken conservatives, rather than run the risk of featuring a potentially controversial opinion. A world-class newspaper like the New York Times thrives when it presents and respects diverse political opinions, and falters when it fails to stick to its guns.

Yours truly,

This is far from the most important issue facing America today, but it is something we can influence directly.
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